On menus, what does 'SQ' stand for?

Can anyone tell me what 'SQ' stands for - on restaurant menus, usually next to expensive items, like crayfish? Two suggestions have included 'Subject to Quantity' and 'Seasonal Quotation', but nobody I have spoken to really knows for sure.

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If you go to the really posh restaurants, the menu's that they give to the ladies don't have prices on at all....hunee is clearly not taking you to THE right eateries.....


haha. this reminded me o the time my ex and i went to the three ships - courtesy of a voucher taht i won.

during the meal i was talking quite animatedly, and hooked my glasses. they went flying through the air, next thing there were three waiters running towards me - terrifying! i thought the glasses were a gonner, til i realised that they were rushing to pick them up!

i prefer where i live now, they're not watching you like a hawk, to see whether you need attention ...

Nos, the feminists -

will have your head for this.


It's true. Really.

How utterly degrading.

Val I don't think so.

If my man took me to that up-market place, he knew the prices would be through the roof...and anyway, I'm worth every cent.

Yes, you may be worth it,

but some women might find that extremely degrading, especially if they intend to pay for the meal. Shock. Horror. Yes, some women actually pay for a meal sometimes.



Nos -

But if you could, would you want to? Pay for a meal sometimes? Let's say, to show your appreciation and love for your husband?

I guess not -


There are many different kinds of currency.....


I think I would want to pay for my own meal just so that the guy doesnt think I owe him.... in any currency :)
but I suppose when you are married its different.
I would be deeply offended if I got to a place and the prices were not on the menu.... but then I probably wouldnt be in there in the first place...


You would owe the guy nothing!! Just by showing up, you're even....he's gotta pay for the privilidge of your very presence!!!


Would explain why I am single..... maybe Im too independant for my own good!


No, sweetness, that's not it. All the twats *with repect* you've gone out with are either blind or just plain stupid...or both. You are a catch and a half, alright!!!

Ha ha ha Noss

Thanks. You are way too kind with your compliments.... and add 14% VAT and a 10% tip and I agree with you... I am ;)


...Snobby Qunt...

hehehe Mica

or Snotty Queen

Hey Arbs...

...my boy is growing up... 4 in September... don't forget the pact...

not on your life sexy knees

the deranged...well.....arrange!!!

Mica - my baby is 4 in Sept too!! what date is yours?





SQ stands for "stupid question"......

ha ha Noss

You are so funny


I've also heard 'Squeal Quietly'.

Because that is what you will do when you hear the price.

Congrats Dusty Muffin

on your 1st birthday. Now can anyone tell me the meaning on sic....sometimes found in newspaper articles, when someone has used really awful grammar. And I'm too lazy to google it.


You're brave, asking for help. Lucky Dolce's not online, or you'd have to scrub your eyeballs with Jeyes fluid after she tells you off.

Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable says: (Lat., thus, so) A word used by reviewers, quoters, etc., after a doubtful word or phrase, or a misspelling, to indicate that it is here printed exactly as in the original and to call attention to the fact that it is wrong in some way.

Yeah Dusty....

She was exceptionally rough on you - just showing you the ropes I think.

Ag, Dolce knows which side her bread is buttered on when it comes to me (well at least I hope she does).

Hey, and thanks for the explaination. Always something I wondered about but was too lazy to look up.


I sulked for about two months after that. But when I look back and see how mild her comment actually was, I realise how thick my skin has now become. And how I've learnt to give it straight back.

Dolce's grump this morning made me roar. I could just see her frothing at the mouth as she typed: red-faced, bug-eyed and hyperventilating.


Dex 1

Now come get your spanks.

YOu secretly looked it up Dex

so you knew you would win this one.


I can like to have HUGE general knowledge.

I know!

Seen in context. I.e. - this is how the other dude said it, its not my spelling that's kak.

I think.

Oh Dex

*peering over glasses*

And I suppose you believe that QED stands for Quite Easily Done.

For example: Dolce, QED

Now I'm in kak.


good one. But she know's its true, so she wont be upset.


Now you're in kak.

Thanks for taking the heat off me, boet.

Q.E. fuckkin' D.

Queen Elegant Dolce, I'll have you know.

But quietly, behind the corner...



You be clever blogger Dexie...

Oh wait - you only think that.


he's right!


I always though it was Special Quotation, meaning the price is dependant on supply yadda yadda yadda. But I could well be wrong.

pssst clare!

Read the comments below...

Thanks for trying to help though!


That what happens when I'm blogblocked! Time to do some catch up.

And Happy Blog Birthday.

Happy Blog Birthday

Mine is only 24 days after yours and I thought you'd been here for ever!


And here was I thinking that you were one of the old battle-scarred veterans too!

How did you start? And what made you choose blogmark?


Ages ago, an old varsity friend emailed to ask if I minded if she blogged about me which of course i didn't and she sent me the link - to blogmark. I still had dial-up in those days so blogging wasn't really an option but the moment I got broadband, I went back to the only blogsite I knew about at that point and well, the rest is history!


I didn't even know what blogging was!

I wanted to know what the fuss was about the song 'De la Rey', so googled it for the lyrics (in English). I can't find the blog now, but did find this one by Dolce on 18/5/2007, which is good for a laugh (friday frivolity: your history on the 'mark)


you guys put the 'mental' in sentimental.

Ag Dex


Sheesh MJ

how cool - do you still have the link...share?


here it is but eish! da blog eees gone!


What was your friend's blogname? It should still be on amagama.

And MJ

if you can remember the title of the post that might also help...

my friend...

has had many blognames and i dunno if i really want to reveal this...
and no, i can't remember the name of the post but i think it had something to do with me telling her about blowjobs or something!

awww come on MJ

*pleeeaaaaseee* ?

it would be really interesting... and she's not around anymore anyway... so whats the harm.


...she is still around!

Hmmm MJ

Now i will not rest until i know.

So best spit it out already.


i promise it's not that hard... in fact, i'd have thought it was pretty obvious...
i'll tell you if you get it right. ;)


no. I don't do these guessing games.


in that case, i can't be frank with you!

You can't be Frank with Dex

you'll confuse him. He can't deal with more than one frank at a blog.

you're right dolce...

...i guess there's only one person who can speak frankly around here!

Phew -

I was kind of expecting your friend to be valiant instead of frank, already braced myself for the repercussions...

brave instead of honest?

i think my friend is valiant and frank. and i think we should all be, or try to be.
what repercussions are you expecting?

Good! -

Nice qualities. (And the hectic-psycho-shit kind of repercussions, but nevermind.) lol




According to WikiAnswers:

There is alot of debate on this but inside sources state that 'SQ' means: subject to quotation, seasonal quotation, or subject to quality. SQ usually appears near an expensive food item whereby the customer is obligated to ask the price of that specific food.


Thanks for looking it up, but I really only posted this to push Dolce's button! I'm happy to go with the answer she gave me then:

means Salon Qualitaire. Originally because eating houses used to judge the quality of the item served, and therefore the price.

We now use a more common english subject to quotationcertain foods like shellfish or specialised meats are weighed before cooking or have fluctuating or seasonal prices.

But google could have given you that

And the Cape Times quoted Dolce's reply a few weeks later, calling her 'insistent'.

Those were the days...


Oi vey

and then I was TOTALLY paranoid that you were Wendy Knowler, because I've dealt with her professionally. Eish. Hilarious.

God, it's been a year hey? Eina.


Ja. Stoopid me owned up and said I wasn't her. But now? Buwahahahahaha! NO WAY! I would so enjoy stringing you along.

But then I'd have to go into a witness protection programme type thing when you found out.


Warn a blogger before you do these things, ok? *mutters under breath*

Damn, now where is that dish clothe to wipe away the egg....

Ag no semi

No egg intended.

It was just a yolk, OK?

da da dish...

Thanx Dusty

Everytime you step out of your shell you just crack me up.....

Here we go again

Ova and ova

Ag Dusty

Now you made me crave an omlette with lots of cheese and mushroom.... FANX!

Listen sunshine

don't try and push my buttons this morning, 'kay. Or I'll fukken beat you with a birch twig.


Lazy fukken blogger.


Today is my blog birthday - This is exactly the same post that I put up a year ago. And you were the first one to respond then, too. At least then you were marginally more polite.

But I prefer you this way, you crotchety old bat.

Nice one Dusty

you got her good.

Hey Dusty

Happy Blog Birffday.

Where's the party?

Thanks semi

Isn't it your first blog birthday soon too?

And the party right here - 24 hours a day!


Im not sure but I suspect it is.... well, I'll just celebrate a first 'anything' birthday everyday *smile* I'll find a reason to celebrate everyday.

For sure! Good party it is as well.

Pass the wine please.....

Jislaaik meisie

You're starting early.

Do you want it in a brown paper bag, under your desk?

Its never too early Dusts

... for a bit of pass the wine under the table. Pfffttttt.....

oh my lawd

has it been a year of Dusty's Muffin? Crapola. Time flies when you're....umm...avoiding work and stuffing about online.

Sheesh lady. Congratumalations!


More like a year of Dusty Muffin's Crapola.

Ja - it's been great. And it's still great.